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the animation was great no clipping very smooth with its reations and randomness i hope to see more of your work soon keep it up

great work

This was a very great piece of work and lol how did you know how my relationships ended lol . jk jk. i really did enjoy this piece i can relate to it easily and nice choice on the robots to describe the emotions as war

got to love valentines day

it really is creative its often the most simplest of things that make the greatest impact on a love one so this is completely d'aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww

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I know it says trance

Even though it says trance, I honestly thing this would make a great dup step piece. The construction base of this piece actually really flows nice. If I can possible suggest almost more of a upbeat bass added to this and maybe a tad sound adjust ment on the noise level to make the overall volume have a little more impact. Thats all I can actually suggest cause I know you said , that you was trying out different instruments. And if you could I also need constructive criticsm on one of my works I just submitted Its callec AS Hearts beat it should still be on the main audio flash portal page. I would greatly aprecciate it. I really do like this.

obliviouscrunch responds:

thanks for the feedback. although i'm really pissed at my pc becasue i had a little problem and the file was somehow deleted >:C so I started from scratch and made a new dubstep track :D

long time no talk man

I know its been awhile its soldiersword man. hope your doing well I see your still putting out new music and it still sounds great hopefully some time soon I will be up and running again. I moved states again so hopefully some time when I am out that way i can drop by and say hi man. and keep streaming that dragon quest lol.

sorry for you loss

I recently just lost 4 of my best of friend to a car crash so i feel the emotion of your words strait to the heart. i am glad to hear you remember who for who she was and not as she is now. she will always be with you in your heart and mind. great music and i am looking forward to more

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