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I know it says trance

Even though it says trance, I honestly thing this would make a great dup step piece. The construction base of this piece actually really flows nice. If I can possible suggest almost more of a upbeat bass added to this and maybe a tad sound adjust ment on the noise level to make the overall volume have a little more impact. Thats all I can actually suggest cause I know you said , that you was trying out different instruments. And if you could I also need constructive criticsm on one of my works I just submitted Its callec AS Hearts beat it should still be on the main audio flash portal page. I would greatly aprecciate it. I really do like this.

obliviouscrunch responds:

thanks for the feedback. although i'm really pissed at my pc becasue i had a little problem and the file was somehow deleted >:C so I started from scratch and made a new dubstep track :D

long time no talk man

I know its been awhile its soldiersword man. hope your doing well I see your still putting out new music and it still sounds great hopefully some time soon I will be up and running again. I moved states again so hopefully some time when I am out that way i can drop by and say hi man. and keep streaming that dragon quest lol.

sorry for you loss

I recently just lost 4 of my best of friend to a car crash so i feel the emotion of your words strait to the heart. i am glad to hear you remember who for who she was and not as she is now. she will always be with you in your heart and mind. great music and i am looking forward to more

its great and you are a great poem writer yourself

To wander the heavens and the hells
Forever lost in a sea of your own repentance
Wanders of hope in the distance
Shall light return to this barren plain

To only look forward
To forget haunting memories
The world inside a mind contimplating
A true injustice of a misunderstanding.

The fight is only half the battle of love
A war in the midst of the tranquility

Apart anew
Consequence of love's hate
The closet you have ever been
Yet no longer together.

Fade out of time an remember
Times of a better day
Where you love existed
Even if only for a short lived time.

RayVanRev responds:

tanks a lot
i like the poem is fantastic
keep it up


great work

even though like you said it was a little long in the begining it was good it felt like it built up suspence right in the begining to allow the rest of this to flow nicely. and if its not to much to ask do you think you could stop by my page and listen to some of my work. i am attemping something new and the feed back helps and anyhow i am looking forward to hearing more of your work


it really follows along with the story line of that game and its well put together. and if its not to much to ask can you stop by and listen to a few of my pieces of work i need the feedback cause i am getting ready to attempt something i have never done before and the critics help . any how looking forward to hearing more of your work

good job

for a mix this is great just a small suggestion the sounds tend to clash in some spots but not really many it seems like some of them are fighting to be on top. but still great work. if you could stop by my page and listen to a few of mine i need help in learning some new techniques cause i want to mix some of my tracks and i do not have a clue how to do. any how good job keep it up looking forward to hearing more of your work to come

PainasaurusRex responds:

Thank you good sir/madam. And I checked out some of your stuff per your request. Thank you for your time and I returned it with some of mine. Thank you :D

great work

the suspense really built up and the sound has an impact through the arrangement of the sounds them selves over all it flowed nicely and the beat was astonishing. if its not to much to ask i am looking for people to critc my work and god knows i need it. so i can get better and you seem to be way ahead of my knowledge. any way great job looking forward to hearing more of your work

KI1 responds:

Thanks heaps! Glad to see my work paid off.
I've been waiting a long time for the day I get positive feedback :P
And I'll definitely have a look at your stuff.
Thanks for reviewing ;)

great job

even for 50 seconds you can feel the intense feeling behind it. i liked it and i am looking forward to hearing more. if i can ask can you stop by my page and listen to a few of mine. you seem to have alot more experience in dealing with orchestrated sounds and the critics help me get better

great work

small suggestion i do not really know but there is one sound that seems to stand out that dampens the song a little bit but i love how this turned out and am looking forward to hearing more of your work. if it is not too much to ask can you listen to some of mine and let me know what i can improve on cause you are far ahead of me when it comes to music making

MoonlitRaven responds:

thanks man, I'll check your stuf out for sure, I've been making music for 4 years now and I'm 17 so I'm pretty new myself lol.

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